Turning Nature Naturally.

Gary L McGuire is known as a “Wood
Turning Artist”. He got started a little late in his Artistic career. In 2007 he was put on Disability Retirement and was told he no longer could lift over 5 lb.’s. This was not going to stop him from continuing his love of working with wood. A life that in some way always revolved around wood working. With the new weight restrictions there needed to be an alternate outlet. With his wife by his side, they purchased his first lathe, tools and wood to get his started. Gary is a self-taught turner that has had the influence of a few other turners to help him on his way.
Gary lives in Woodburn, Oregon and has his studio no more the 30 steps from his home. This makes it very convenient since he is in the studio every day except Sunday. He is a man of Faith who loves his family. Gary is married to Merial his best friend and partner in his artistic life. They have 5 Children, 10 Grandchildren, one dog and two cats.
Gary’s artistic approach is to let the wood show its beauty in the most natural way. He approaches each piece of wood the same way, looking for the art that is housed within that piece of wood.
Wood is taking on a new resurgence in the “Artistic Field” since the early 2000’s. There are a growing number of collectors around the world who are showing their appreciation of an old Art Form coming to life again. I am trying to find my way into a small group of wood artists. At 68 years of age I don’t feel I have time to waste. I know that given a chance I can show my contribution to this world. I know now that my destiny is to be a wood turner and artist the rest of my life.
Currently Gary has his pieces in 8 countries and 26 states in the USA. He has won ribbons and shown in many Art Galleries and been invited to Art Festivals across the country as far as Ohio.

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